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About Our Business

Hello, Welcome to Joshua Tree Firewood .com

Our history in Joshua Tree goes back to 1953 when my Mom and Dad first
moved here. Dad was stationed at the Marine Base in 29 Palms.

My name is Mike Reynolds and I operate the company and my lovely bride
Paula commands the office. We love wood! Though we didn't plan to be in the
firewood business we believe it was in our destiny. You see I am a general
and plumbing contractor by trade but when the economy turned back in 2006
we were forced to downsize our family business and in the process a
subcontractor offered his firewood processing equipment as payment  to
settle his bill. I suddenly found myself with all this cool equipment. We were
given an opportunity to supplement our income and maybe even make
another house payment.

Before we opened our doors, we did our due diligence to research what the
competition was doing and learn all the rules and regulations for operating a
firewood business.

Sadly, we quickly learned the many of firewood peddlers you see parked on
the roadside sell firewood "under the table for cash" and do not conform to
the laws established to protect you the consumer.

Our business ethics won't allow this. We sell firewood the right way;

Firewood sales is governed by the Department of Weights and Measures and
the Franchise Tax Board. This means that firewood sales must be done so in a
manor that is accurate, accountable and taxable.

All firewood must be sold by the cord, 1/2 cord, 1/4 cord or smaller bundles by
the cubic foot. A full cord is 128 cubic feet or 4ft by 4ft by 8ft tightly stacked
(about 746 pieces...yes I counted) with minimal air gaps. Selling firewood by
the "truckload", "Yucca cord", "face cord" or "wheel barrel full" is not
legal...period. Also firewood sales is taxable and sales tax must be paid. No
extra charge for delivery and for you seniors & disabled we will stack for free!
(some restrictions may apply).

The firewood business is very hard work. But after spending our first full day
in the mountains bucking logs and splitting the rounds into quality firewood I
no longer lack in the exercise department anymore and can use the tread mil
for a close rack again.  There's just something about firewood I love! Maybe
because it's a renewable energy or perhaps just the fact that God makes it.

We heat our home with the same wood we sell. We know first hand which
wood we like and which wood should be mulch.

Well, the rest is history and we pledge to serve you well and strive to retain
your business by never letting our ethics be compromised and give you...our
valued customer the finest service and quality possible with the lowest price
to keep you warm and happy.

Our motto: This is a small town. Our reputation is critical. So, if you are happy
with our service and products please tell someone, But if you are not please
tell me first so I can make you happy. If I don't, then tell every one you know
and I'll have to find a new job.

Thanks for your time
Mike & Paula Reynolds
if you want to call me direct...
760-219-MIKE cell
or call Paula to place your order
760-219-WOOD (9663)
I thank the good Lord for my lovely bride,
healthy children and happy home.
I thank you for your business
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